Discovering His Calling

When Dr. Chris was a child, his mother became very sick with colitis. The medical profession was failing at finding a solution, and her doctors recommended removing her colon. At the same time, Dr. Chris’ father was seeing a chiropractor for his back pain, and the chiropractor suggested he bring his wife in for care. With nothing to lose and total health to gain, they gave chiropractic a try.

As the chiropractor treated her back, her colitis symptoms subsided and went into remission, and she never had to have surgery. Dr. Chris was inspired by this life-changing care the chiropractor had provided for his mom, and he knew then that he wanted to change lives in the same way.

Education and Experience

Dr. Chris attended Sherman College of Chiropractic, graduating with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2008. He began practicing the same year, and has now taken over as the owner of Plymouth Chiropractic Center.

Despite the medical community failing his mother, Dr. Chris believes there is a good balance between the type of care medical doctors provide and the kind of care chiropractors give. For some patients, this co-management of care provides the best results, and Dr. Chris has built relationships with many medical doctors in the area that he is happy to refer to when the condition warrants it.

Over his years in practice, Dr. Chris has seen everything. He’s confident and competent, and he brings his very best to every patient who walks through our door.

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A Passion for Helping People

Chiropractic care is about so much more than just relieving back pain, and helping patients realize that we can help with all sorts of illness and dysfunction is Dr. Chris’ passion. It’s why he became a chiropractor, and what he still loves most about it.


Away From Work

When he’s not at the office or making house calls, Dr. Chris enjoys doing outdoorsy things with his family. He and his young child especially love fishing and hanging out with their dog.

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